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The Gonía Side Table

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I finished a midcentury modern style side table last weekend and even gave it a name! Meet The Gonía Side Table – named to represent the essence of its design – its angles. I tried best to design and give a mid century modern feel to this piece with a bit of character and yet keep it simple overall and functional. This piece features dovetail joints, altering beveled sides, tapered and angled legs attached with mortise joints. I started out with this project a few weeks back just before Virginia’s…read more

Spring Boot Starter App with Elasticsearch

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This weekend, I needed to set up a quick backend service with RESTful API that uses Elasticsearch as the datasource. I’d been working with Spring framework for a while but haven’t had to use Spring boot for anything related to my work. So, I read up on the latest Spring Boot documentation and went over to to create a barebone Spring Boot app that uses Elasticsearch. The whole process took a matter of few minutes, once I gathered the proper information to set up a starter app. Here’s a…read more

Usage History of Apps We Use Daily

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My ideal dinner table conversation with friends would be one that covers Game of Thrones, politics and technology. And to that end, last night one of the conversation that picked my interests was privacy and how the applications we use these days keeps track of information surrounding our lives. To that end, I thought it would be useful to write a blog post about some of these popular applications and where we can view the history of our interactions with them.

Technology: Past and Present

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I know this picture of a medicine bottle is a tad bit on the weird spectrum for a blog post picture, but there is a reason for this which I’m about to get into in a bit. But first, I want to take a moment to reflect on my life’s first PC. Well, truth be told, it was really even before my own first PC since it was my parents’, but I showed it love and care all the same. This computing machine had a beautiful 14inch CRT monitor that…read more