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Weekend Hack: Put a Raspberry Pi in Lego 4200 Grand Prix Racer

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This weekend, my roommate and I put a Raspberry Pi Zero W in Lego 42000 Grand Prix Racer. Sadly, we had to remove the signature piston engine to fit an actual Lego motor, but the outcome was quite satisfactory. Items used: Lego 42000 Power Functions 8293 Raspberry Pi Zero W Jackery Bar Pocket-sized 6000mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger Adafruit DC & Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi – Mini Kit Miscellaneous lego pieces to fit motor to steering wheel 30RPM Geared DC Motor 8Bitdo NES30 Bluetooth Controller

5,000 Raspberry Pi being donated by Google to help students in Japan

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Google is handing out 5000 Raspberry Pi to help out 25,000 students in Japan and partnering with CANVAS to help teachers teach. In a Google+ post, Eric Schmidt wrote… I read an article a couple of years ago in which a Japanese executive explained why he thought software engineering wasn’t popular in Japan. “A samurai would never write software,” he said. The idea was that Monozukuri, or the proud Japanese tradition of making things, wasn’t as relevant when it came to creating relative intangibles like software and services. Japan’s math…read more

Peachy 3D Printer – $100 3D printer

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After sharing my last post, a friend of mine shared a link to, what I think, is the most awesome 3D printer out there. I say it’s the most awesome 3D printer, not just because it’s just $100, but because of how truly amazing the concept behind it really is. The creator has successfully funded this project through kickstarter and indiegogo. Check out the kickstarter page at

Map of ongoing DDoS attacks around the globe

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Digital Attack Map displays a map of the world with ongoing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It also lets you visually replay a trend of DDoS attacks over last few months along with other things. The core of this is running on Arbor Networks data with collaboration from Google Ideas.

New WP Plugin: WP Chords Display

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I’ve been recently trying to find a plugin that would allow me to display chords and lyrics together. Now, there are indeed a few plugins out there that does the job fairly okay, but I wanted the plugin to display the chords tablature when hovered over them, as you would see in Since there isn’t any plugin to do just that, I’ve created my own wordpress plugin to help me achieve what I wanted. WP Chords Display plugin allows you to display chords and lyrics in a format that’s…read more


Youtube Error

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“A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.” Good sense of humor, Google!


Forwarding from non-www to www domain using URL rewrite rules in Apache

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Problem Description: With the installation of WordPress multisite network in my site, entering the URL took me to the signup page whereas entering took me to the homepage as it should! I wanted to redirect to and to Solution: I put the following block of codes right under the rule RewriteEngine On in .htaccess file and everything is a smooth sailing here onwards! RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] PS: 301 is a search engine friendly HTTP redirect.  


Android SDK installation problem with detecting JDK

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So while trying to install the Android SDK tools in my work machine today, I came across a rather annoying roadblock. The setup wizard could not locate the Java SE Development Kit and wasn’t letting me continue. This was particularly frustrating because I DID have JDK installed in my system and I had set the right path in the windows environment variables too. As it turns out however, after about an hour of poking around, hitting the ‘back’ button in the installation window and continuing with the installation gets rid…read more


Facebook Down?

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When I tried to log in to facebook today I saw an error message that read “Account Temporarily Unavailable.” This is the first time it occurred to me so I indulged myself in an investigation and found this link. This site shows frequently updated reports on the service status of important sites based on user reports at the site itself, user reports on twitter and feeds and official announcements. It shows a nifty little chart that depicts the status activity of selected services over the last 24 hours. According to…read more


BlackBerry Handheld Software Upgrade to v5.0.0.822 = Total Bummer!

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I upgraded my BlackBerry 8900 handheld software to v5.0.0.822 few days back. Despite the time frame it was due for, I’m not quite sure I am too happy with the overall upgrade. To start off, I absolutely hate the way text messages are shown as a conversation now (similar to iphone). From the main text message window, if you delete, what appears to be, one message from a contact, it deletes the full conversation. Come on now BlackBerry, you know you could better than that! Also you would have to…read more