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Spring Boot Starter App with Elasticsearch

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This weekend, I needed to set up a quick backend service with RESTful API that uses Elasticsearch as the datasource. I’d been working with Spring framework for a while but haven’t had to use Spring boot for anything related to my work. So, I read up on the latest Spring Boot documentation and went over to to create a barebone Spring Boot app that uses Elasticsearch. The whole process took a matter of few minutes, once I gathered the proper information to set up a starter app. Here’s a…read more

Fitbit App to Control Wink Smart Devices

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On our first anniversary, my wife gifted me a Fitbit Versa smart watch and I’d been playing around with Fitbit Studio. While the Fitbit app gallery is far from mature, to my pleasant surprise, I’ve found the Fitbit developer studio very intuitive and easy to work with. Their SDK is also fairly well documented with some basic code examples (albeit not comprehensive by any means) to get anyone up and running to build their first app or clock face. One of the first app I wanted to install on my…read more