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Walnut Floor Lamp

I built a wooden floor lamp in 10 easy steps and so can you.

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  1. Acquire a large piece of walnut slab.
  2. Cut sides straight using a circular saw with guard rail and plane it flat (preferably with a heavy duty planer).
  3. Mark it real good and cut it to shape you like using band saw.
  4. Use hand tools until stuff fits. I used a rasp, spoke shave, hand planer, chisels, Japanese saws to do what I needed.
  5. Glue it together (no turning back now).
  6. Sand surface really well. I used 150, 220, 400, 800 grits sandpapers in succession.
  7. Coat with Boiled linseed oil.
  8. Grab a glass pendant from Ikea, cable from, and an LED Edison bulb from Home Depot.
  9. Put it all together. I used a rasp to carve grooves for the wires.
  10. Plug it in and enjoy this new lamp.

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