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Map of ongoing DDoS attacks around the globe

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Digital Attack Map displays a map of the world with ongoing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It also lets you visually replay a trend of DDoS attacks over last few months along with other things. The core of this is running on Arbor Networks data with collaboration from Google Ideas.

Linux /etc/resolv.conf equivalent in Windows 8 to add Domain Suffixes

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To add search domain names to resolve in Linux, I can simple add them to /etc/resolv.conf file. But what about in Windows 8? Follow these simple steps to add search domain names in Windows 8. Find your network adapter in Network Connections. In my case, I’m using Wi-Fi adapter. Right click on it and go to Properties. Select TCP/IPv4 and click on Properties. Under General tab, click on Advanced. This will open Advanced TCP/IP Settings window Check on Append these DNS suffixes(in order) and click on Add… Add one or multiple domain suffix….read more


Few thoughts on Life. No big deal.

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As midnight draws closer, my sense of wisdom wants to burst out every now so often. And so I shall tonight. I am going to share some thoughts on life, and might I add – trust me, I’m an expert – I’ve lived it. Life is tough. Despite the most horrific experiences in life, life moves on. It has to. Breaking up with a loved one or even losing close ones forever, life moves on. It’s tougher than you know. Life is fragile. So take good care of it. Exercise…read more

NASA Papercraft Models

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NASA Kids provides instructions on how to build paper models of space fleet. Check it out at: On a related note, if you’re interested in building a paper model (or other types) of Hubble space telescope, you will find  this following link useful:


Apple on Maps

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It’s not often you get to see Apple writing apology letters to the customers, or anyone, for that matter, but then again, the new iOS Map is really not the best app Apple has been involved with (right along the line of MobileMe).


Half a decade from homeland

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It is now officially half a decade since my last presence in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. I miss the people more than anything else and I miss the feeling of just being there. It’s almost scary to realize how time flies. The concept of a home no longer ties to fixed physical location in the map. It ties to a intangible idea. That feeling you get of not really being sure of what home is anymore – I get that now.  

Google, you funny little thing, you!

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As I relentlessly keep typing away my Penetration Test report for Brett Tjaden’s Secure Network Operations class, I just spent a little time now on Google to see what crazy stuff they came up with this time on April Fool. Google NEVER disappoints me when it comes to humor. Check these links and picture out below and you’ll know what i mean 😉


Invisible work force behind many cities

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One of my friends shared this video on Facebook and it got me thinking about the vast number of Bangladeshi workers working inhumane hours day after day, everyday of the week, in their selfless effort to provide a better life for their loved ones. And although, this video highlights only a handful of people working in Singapore city, let us not forget about the countless number of people, working day and night, thousands of miles away from their loved ones, often with no hope of catching a glimpse of faces…read more

New WP Plugin: WP Chords Display

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I’ve been recently trying to find a plugin that would allow me to display chords and lyrics together. Now, there are indeed a few plugins out there that does the job fairly okay, but I wanted the plugin to display the chords tablature when hovered over them, as you would see in Since there isn’t any plugin to do just that, I’ve created my own wordpress plugin to help me achieve what I wanted. WP Chords Display plugin allows you to display chords and lyrics in a format that’s…read more