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Happy Father’s Day!

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He’s a man who, amongst other things, would not skip the “t” while pronouncing Chevrolet. He walks with a limp and still moves ever so gracefully to keep up with me. He’s got the smile of a young kid, who not only smiles with his lips, but rather with his entire face as to shed light of joy to the people around him. He doesn’t hear completely well and neither does he have a 20/20 vision, but he sees good in people and what this man has is a heart of gold, full of love and hope. He’s a self made man, who had seen his mom’s face for the last time when he was an infant. He will do so much to help others, yet somehow do so little to take care of himself. He’s got a sweet-tooth and he’s got diabetes. But atop everything else, he’s a loving father of four, a loving husband to an amazing wife, and a person who puts his complete faith in God. I’d consider myself a great man if I become even half the man he is. On this day, what the world calls “father’s day” (or at least Hallmark does, anyway), I’d like to give a shout out to my dad – you are the best father a child can have, more than just a guiding light, more than just an inspirational figure, more than just an awesome guardian – you are more than what we could’ve asked for and you make me so happy that I have you! I hope I bring you reasons to make you happy and proud – because you did just that throughout my life – Happy Father’s Day Abba 🙂

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