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CIT – Teaching and Learning Technology Conference 2012

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As I entered the ballroom, I caught my coworkers debating over making last minute changes to a poster that hadn’t been printed out right. As active as they always are, their improvising instincts kicked in and made the best use out of the available resources and we all jumped in and geared up for our presentations after the keynote speech. A few minutes later, Tony Hartshorn shows up with all his exciting equipment. He claimed his booth and began unravelling all the wires before he took the equipment out and…read more


RIP Jobs

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A professor, some of my classmates and I were enjoying the graceful smell and taste of tea today at a local tea place when one of our friends informed us of the death of Steve Jobs. Everyone, almost instinctively, brought out their cell phones to visibility and started Googling right away. While we all were hoping it to be one of those nasty internet hoaxes, the news was confirmed to be true and inevitably there was a pause in our conversation. Twitter, wikipedia and google showed feeds almost as if…read more

Youtube Error

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“A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.” Good sense of humor, Google!


Canon 40D Live View Auto Focus

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Canon 40D is one of the first cameras in the mid range professional lineup of Canon DSLRs to include live view functionality. However, there isn’t a way to autofocus on your subject without turning live view off. You can set focus mode to MF to manually focus on your subject. For better manual focusing, you can zoom in on the subject while on live view by pressing the reduce/enlarge buttons on the top right part of the back of the camera which are accessible by the right thumb and then…read more

X-Men: Coming to a theater in Bangladesh :p

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Found this epic picture of a poster in a friend’s wall. Had to share it 😀 It says: “Demons in form of human beings in America. Bad demons vs. good demons. 1 ticket for two movies” 😀 Hilarious!


Forwarding from non-www to www domain using URL rewrite rules in Apache

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Problem Description: With the installation of WordPress multisite network in my site, entering the URL took me to the signup page whereas entering took me to the homepage as it should! I wanted to redirect to and to Solution: I put the following block of codes right under the rule RewriteEngine On in .htaccess file and everything is a smooth sailing here onwards! RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] PS: 301 is a search engine friendly HTTP redirect.