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Better Headshot Photography by Tilting Subject’s Head Forward

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If you’re into portrait photography like me, you’d find this video highly useful. This video tutorial is by Peter Hurley, a photographer from New York, talks about the importance of jawlines. As trivial as it sounds, his video demonstrates the significance of jawlines in headshots and how you can take great headshots by simply having the subject pull forward their chin and tilting their forehead towards the camera. Under the correct light settings, I’ve had seen the difference myself and this video serves as an enforcement for me. If you…read more

Canon 40D Live View Auto Focus

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Canon 40D is one of the first cameras in the mid range professional lineup of Canon DSLRs to include live view functionality. However, there isn’t a way to autofocus on your subject without turning live view off. You can set focus mode to MF to manually focus on your subject. For better manual focusing, you can zoom in on the subject while on live view by pressing the reduce/enlarge buttons on the top right part of the back of the camera which are accessible by the right thumb and then…read more

If your lens can't take macro shots, just detach it!

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These are some photos I took of my computer monitor screen (except the last one which happens to be of my cell phone’s) with a 18-55mm kit lens. How did I do it? Well, I learnt a trick recently where you can take macro photos by detaching the lens from the body of the camera, turn it around and hold the lens close to your camera stable enough to try and take some extremely close shots. As you can see from one of the pictures below, doing this allowed me…read more