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New WP Plugin: WP Chords Display

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I’ve been recently trying to find a plugin that would allow me to display chords and lyrics together. Now, there are indeed a few plugins out there that does the job fairly okay, but I wanted the plugin to display the chords tablature when hovered over them, as you would see in Since there isn’t any plugin to do just that, I’ve created my own wordpress plugin to help me achieve what I wanted. WP Chords Display plugin allows you to display chords and lyrics in a format that’s…read more


Tabs for Obosh Onubhutir Deyal by ArtCell

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Let’s be clear: these are not my tabs. I found them online and I thought it’d be a shame to lose them. So without a second thought, I’m posting it on my website… Intro : Plucking E ———————————————————–| B –3—-3—–3—3————–3—————-3———| G —–0—0—–0————–0—-0—–0—-0—-0——-| D ——————–0-h-2–0———-0—–0———0—-| A –2———-3———————————————| E ———————————————————–| Repeat this 4 times Verse 1 Tomar jonno prithibi aj niechey biday, E ————————————————| B —3—3—–3—3—–0—0————3——-| G —–0—0—–0—0—–0—0—-2—2—2—–| D ————————————————| A —2———3———2———-0————-| E ————————————————| Tobu tomar tukro chayay, E ———————————————————| B –3—-3—–3—3————–3—————-3——-| G —–0—0—–0————–0—-0—–0—-0—-0—–| D ——————–0-h-2–0———-0—–0———0–| A –2———-3——————————————-| E ———————————————————| … Tomar…read more