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RIP Jobs

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A professor, some of my classmates and I were enjoying the graceful smell and taste of tea today at a local tea place when one of our friends informed us of the death of Steve Jobs. Everyone, almost instinctively, brought out their cell phones to visibility and started Googling right away. While we all were hoping it to be one of those nasty internet hoaxes, the news was confirmed to be true and inevitably there was a pause in our conversation. Twitter, wikipedia and google showed feeds almost as if it had happened way before it had actually happened.

I’ve always been a Microsoft person, but needless to say, Steve Jobs has been one of the most aspiring figures of my time in the industry. He was a visionary, and with his death, he’ll remain immortal in the hearts of many. May Steve Jobs rest in peace.

Apple’s Homepage after the death of Steve Jobs (October 05, 2011)

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