Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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I’m putting the famous 3R quote from Captain Planet to yet another use. This time, I’m applying it to my very own website which I had known from 2002 under various domain names and disowned countless times. But this time, I’m sticking to the domain name for good. I had been lazy enough to not put it back up after taking it down for several months now. But enough is enough, I said to myself! And along came the idea of importing the feeds from blogspot and picasaweb albums in addition to what I already had, to rebuild this website with minimal effort and yet in most effective ways. True, I had to indulge myself into some coding after what seems to be a zillion years, but must I say, it has been a very satisfying effort indeed. I can now use the tools at blogspot and picasaweb to organize my blogs and photo albums almost effortlessly and with a great amount of flexibility in retrieving and displaying the data too. So most of what you will be seeing here from now on will actually be imported from blogspot and picasaweb.

It took me a decent amount of time to figure the stuff out since it’s been a while I have done any sort of coding. So once I get some time, I will upload the PHP codes that you can use to retrieve data from blogspot and picasaweb.

So stay tuned, and hopefully I’ll have my website up in less than a zillion years from now*.

*Conditions apply unconditionally =p