Oh stop it Robots! Pretty please?

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So most of us who have a website, usually want the contents to be searchable over the world wide web – I mean that’s the whole point for putting up a website in the first place, right? While we are so eager about our contents getting more hits, there are rare cases however, when we actually do feel a bit shy about the popularity of our pages over search engines like Google. It is then and only then do we look for ways to tell the web robots to stay clear of our pages and not to index them. And since web robots have feelings too, we want to bring it to them as politely as possible – come the meta tags! By adding the following line to your tag, you can do just that, without killing or hurting anyone in the process.

 <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW">

Oh don’t you just love happy endings? =)