Linux /etc/resolv.conf equivalent in Windows 8 to add Domain Suffixes

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To add search domain names to resolve in Linux, I can simple add them to /etc/resolv.conf file. But what about in Windows 8? Follow these simple steps to add search domain names in Windows 8.

  1. Find your network adapter in Network Connections. In my case, I’m using Wi-Fi adapter.
  2. Right click on it and go to Properties.
  3. Select TCP/IPv4 and click on Properties.
  4. Under General tab, click on Advanced. This will open Advanced TCP/IP Settings window
  5. Check on Append these DNS suffixes(in order) and click on Add…
  6. Add one or multiple domain suffix. And click OK in all previous windows you just opened in a chain (oh the beauty of Windows legacy systems).

This should take effect right away. If it doesn’t, you have the option to reboot, or just switch to Linux 😉

Add search domain in Windows 8

Add search domain in Windows 8