I’m the Social Chair > but please don’t sit on me?

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Today was the first day I attended the Muslim Student Association (MSA) meeting at James Madison University (JMU) as an executive board member. I had attended all the meetings this semester before and this one was obviously a bit different. Instead of facing the speaker, I had to become the speaker. So how did it go? I was a bit nervous at first, but when people laughed at my first joke, the response comforted me to go on blabbering about the upcoming events. We are gradually starting to see newer faces in our meetings, which is always a great thing but it added towards making me feel a bit nervous. Nonetheless, I think I did a good job continuing rest of what I had to say. We got a good number of responses for the upcoming events, especially for playing cricket! So if you’re in the vicinity and are interested in playing cricket with us, please email me right away!

Have fun and enjoy your weekend people!