How to install WordPress MU 2.9.2

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1) Download WordPress MU from here.

2) Extract all files to a directory of choice. For instance, http://[domain]/wp

3) Create an database (without adding tables) named “wordpress” without the quotes.

4) Use http://[domain]/wp to access your blog. On first attempt, it would take you to a window where you can configure the settings.

Couple of things to notice here, if you’re installing wordpress MU locally, then use the IP address instead of typing http://localhost. The reason being, if you use http://localhost, it will ask you to use http://localhost.localdomain which creates problems later. Also use sub-directories instead of using sub-domain names for multiple users.

5) When setup is complete, note the username (which is “admin” by default) and the password provided on the screen and click on “Login”.

Make sure you can login without any problem. This ends the installation process. You can go ahead and change the default password if you’d like.