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That is the most familiar face in my life. That face represents my father’s. That face represents my mother’s. I recognize the brown eyes, through which I’ve seen many things in life – both good and bad, beautiful and ugly and things that left me breathless and things that left me in disgust. I recognize those lips and the tongue that touches them. I can see the mouth that facilitates the voice coming out of me, through which I’ve said things that mattered, things that altered my life and not the things that could put me in danger’s way. There were also times in my life where I was left numb and didn’t say the things that could’ve made a difference in different stages in life. But I neither recognize those wrinkles nor those¬†gray hairs or the stress they bear. I don’t recognize that beard. I remember smiles. I remember tears. But I don’t remember much in between. I know that skin too intimately. I feel every muscle under that skin every day. But that look of determination is new, because the determination to become the best of me is new to me. I became a man before I was ready. But I was ready after I became one. Life flows through me at different speeds, but seldom in moderation. I remember the peaks and I remember the lows. The peaks humbled me, while the lows strengthened me. Everything in between just made me want to settle and that is not something I will ever do again. I will reach for the stars or reach high trying. The only way to lose in this game of life is to let go of dreams, and with every nightmare I’ve had and gone through, I came to believe in one thing very firmly – never to let go of dreams or goals and never to settle. The stars will be ahead of me until they’re behind me. The obstacles can only slow me down, but not bring me down. I’m thankful for who I am just as much as who I am not and I am thankful for what I have just as much for what I do not.