Everything that has an end, has a new beginning.

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I just got done with my Operating Systems midterm today. In addition to having dealt so much with processes, threads, semaphores, monitors, and everything in between for the last few days, I now have officially lost my sense of sleeping on time. The last few days have brought upon me countless ‘daymares’ fearing getting deadlocked or suffering starvation. Junk food became my best friends, while insomnia became me! The only fun thing I could do was to play the cricket match on Saturday!

And now that I’m through with the O/S test, the urge to watch the Big Bang Theory on a marathon had to be suppressed due to even more tasks ahead. I have 3 assignments due, 2 huge programming projects due, and a Software Requirements Specifications doc due over the span of next two weeks.

So instead of feeling relieved for ending a test, I have yet much more to worry about in the coming weeks. Just awesome, no?