Do it with a smile

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I’ve always liked seeing people smile. And I always loved making them. There are very few things in this world that can make me as happy as making people smile. I’ve often gone beyond the normal to do so. It’s addictive, it’s rewarding and it never has to stop. Whatever makes you smile, it makes me smile too.

Life has not been always a colorful butterfly for anyone. Everybody gets hurt. Everyone has had tears in their eyes. Everyone felt lonely at times. Everyone has felt out of context at times. Everyone has felt helpless at times. Everyone has felt the absence of love from the significant people whether it was really there and not. But in those moments, if you think about such times and smile, it always ease things albeit not set everything right – when you thought you had invented a whole new way to play a music instrument, when you had been told you have a pretty smile, when you saw the hero and the heroine finally get together in almost all hindi films, when you got to purchase that shirt with your preferred price over the tagged price, or when you hugged your parents the last time.

Life is good with a smile. Life is good with tears. Life is better with tears and smiles combined.