Cricket: A game nearly forgotten but not given up on…

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I just came back from playing cricket with some of the MSA folks and a 7 year old kid :p. I came home with bruised palms and knees. What’s pathetic about it is that I got the bruise even before the match had started by a, what seemed to the rest as a voluntary, dive out in the pavement trying to catch a ball.  Stupid move, Sufi!

Once the game had started, however, I took out two of the three wickets in my first over. Yeah that was a shocker for the rest of the crowd, but even so for myself. Nonetheless, I quickly emerged out of the series of flukes and started bowling as I had initially expected – terribly. Needless to say, our team lost. But it felt good to realize that we put up a good fight and this was indeed the opening match to many more matches to play over the following weekends. We already got promising words from other people who are eager to play with us :D.

That being said, I am, with all humility, exhausted after playing this short game and the bed is looking more welcoming than ever before. Without thinking much, I shall succumb to the temptation of taking a short nap and will make a promise to myself to get up before too long and start studying for the upcoming Operating Systems test this Tuesday. Anyone’s prayer will be appreciated 😀

Oh and by the way, if you guys hadn’t already noticed, I changed the layout of the site a bit. Put a new background and added some text effects. I feel it looks more professional now. Let me know what you guys think!