Computer Science is an art in logic!

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When faced with the question “Why did you choose to study computer science?”, I feel more like following up with another question than an answer – why not?? I love solving puzzles and it startles me to imagine who wouldn’t! I mean one doesn’t have to be able to solve the Rubik’s cube to love trying to solve it! And in computer science, I feel like every task we perform is a puzzle we get to play around with, whatever the scale and difficulty level it may reflect itself as. Our school assignments are fun as they are challenging. Working on the problems can be strenuous, but the reward is that much more rewarding than trying to solve mundane problems. At our jobs, we are paid to build applications as we are paid to break applications. There’s fun and creativity in potentially everything we do. There’s art and logic – and computer science defines one by means of the other! And that’s the beauty of it all!