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New WP Plugin: WP Chords Display

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I’ve been recently trying to find a plugin that would allow me to display chords and lyrics together. Now, there are indeed a few plugins out there that does the job fairly okay, but I wanted the plugin to display the chords tablature when hovered over them, as you would see in Since there isn’t any plugin to do just that, I’ve created my own wordpress plugin to help me achieve what I wanted. WP Chords Display plugin allows you to display chords and lyrics in a format that’s…read more


CIT – Teaching and Learning Technology Conference 2012

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As I entered the ballroom, I caught my coworkers debating over making last minute changes to a poster that hadn’t been printed out right. As active as they always are, their improvising instincts kicked in and made the best use out of the available resources and we all jumped in and geared up for our presentations after the keynote speech. A few minutes later, Tony Hartshorn shows up with all his exciting equipment. He claimed his booth and began unravelling all the wires before he took the equipment out and…read more


Forwarding from non-www to www domain using URL rewrite rules in Apache

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Problem Description: With the installation of WordPress multisite network in my site, entering the URL took me to the signup page whereas entering took me to the homepage as it should! I wanted to redirect to and to Solution: I put the following block of codes right under the rule¬†RewriteEngine On in .htaccess file and everything is a smooth sailing here onwards! RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] PS: 301 is a search engine friendly HTTP redirect.  


Android SDK installation problem with detecting JDK

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So while trying to install the Android SDK tools in my work machine today, I came across a rather annoying roadblock. The setup wizard could not locate the Java SE Development Kit and wasn’t letting me continue. This was particularly frustrating because I DID have JDK installed in my system and I had set the right path in the windows environment variables too. As it turns out however, after about an hour of poking around, hitting the ‘back’ button in the installation window and continuing with the installation gets rid…read more