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Peachy 3D Printer – $100 3D printer

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After sharing my last post, a friend of mine shared a link to, what I think, is the most awesome 3D printer out there. I say it’s the most awesome 3D printer, not just because it’s just $100, but because of how truly amazing the concept behind it really is. The creator has successfully funded this project through kickstarter and indiegogo. Check out the kickstarter page at

Better Headshot Photography by Tilting Subject’s Head Forward

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If you’re into portrait photography like me, you’d find this video highly useful. This video tutorial is by Peter Hurley, a photographer from New York, talks about the importance of jawlines. As trivial as it sounds, his video demonstrates the significance of jawlines in headshots and how you can take great headshots by simply having the subject pull forward their chin and tilting their forehead towards the camera. Under the correct light settings, I’ve had seen the difference myself and this video serves as an enforcement for me. If you…read more

Stella Liebeck: Real story behind woman who sued McDonald’s for coffee too hot

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I remember hearing about this story when I was back in Bangladesh. I have to shamefully admit that I was among the people who wrongfully doubted the legitimacy of the case. Facts are easily skewed when news travel across seas, but to realize how so many people twist facts and then blame it on the victim, is really sad. While Stella Liebeck passed away 10 years after the incident had happened, her story lives on and I hope more and more people realize the truth and not twist facts.  

Invisible work force behind many cities

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One of my friends shared this video on Facebook and it got me thinking about the vast number of Bangladeshi workers working inhumane hours day after day, everyday of the week, in their selfless effort to provide a better life for their loved ones. And although, this video highlights only a handful of people working in Singapore city, let us not forget about the countless number of people, working day and night, thousands of miles away from their loved ones, often with no hope of catching a glimpse of faces…read more