BlackBerry Handheld Software Upgrade to v5.0.0.822 = Total Bummer!

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I upgraded my BlackBerry 8900 handheld software to v5.0.0.822 few days back. Despite the time frame it was due for, I’m not quite sure I am too happy with the overall upgrade.

To start off, I absolutely hate the way text messages are shown as a conversation now (similar to iphone). From the main text message window, if you delete, what appears to be, one message from a contact, it deletes the full conversation. Come on now BlackBerry, you know you could better than that! Also you would have to dig in to a conversation just to see when the message was sent/received. Saving a draft? ohh that’s just another pain. You can not send a new message to a user, if you already have a draft saved. You’d either have to discard the draft message or just send it.

In addition, after using the device in its new software for a few days, I just realized that my ringtone had died. I’d been missing several calls and as it turned out, the ringer, no matter what ringtone or volume I had it set to, just would not work. But a reboot (taking the battery out of course) seemed to have fixed the problem. At least for now anyway!

As sad as it is, I really am disappointed with BlackBerry’s lousy job at the software upgrade 🙁